Robots are on the rise, from Pepper to the new family robot JIBO, intelligent machines and systems are gaining attention in the public, academic, and regulatory sectors. We engage with policymakers and the press on robotics and artificial intelligence governance through scholarship, op-eds, and reports.


Ryan Calo

School of Law – University of Washington

Howard Jay Chizeck

Electrical Engineering – University of Washington

Tamara Bonaci

Electrical Engineering – University of Washington

Elena Ponte

Tech Policy Lab – University of Washington

David Stieber

School of Law – University of Washington

Meg Young

Information School – University of Washington


Robotics and Law Primer Videos

Designed to cover the basic topics for a robotics policy class, the Primer Videos cover tech topics such as: what is a bot, an algorithm, machine learning, and robots; as well as legal topics providing explanations of administrative law and product liability.
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To Make a Robot Secure: An Experimental Analysis of Cyber Security Threats Against Teleoperated Surgical Robots

Teleoperated robots are playing an increasingly important role in military actions and medical services. In the future, remotely operated surgical robots will likely be used in more scenarios such as battlefields and emergency response.
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App Stores for the Brain: Privacy and Security in Brain-Computer Interfaces

This paper won the Best Paper award at the 2014 International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science and Technology.
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The Case for a Federal Robotics Commission

Published by Brookings, this paper is part of series focused on the future of civilian robotics, which seeks to answer the varied legal questions around the integration of robotics into human life.
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Robotics and the New Cyberlaw

Two decades of analysis have produced a rich set of insights as to how the law should apply to the Internet’s peculiar characteristics. But, in the meantime, technology has not stood still.
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Recent FDA Medical Device Regulation and its Relevance to Robotics

2014 seems poised to be the year of the robot, and some of the most exciting robotic applications appear in medicine. Regulation can hinder or facilitate innovation in medical robotics.
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The White House Artificial Intelligence Workshop

On Tuesday, May 24, the Lab and the UW School of Law co-hosted the first of four White House public workshops on artificial intelligence. Deputy CTO Ed Felton and other members of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy spoke on panels and were in attendance for the workshop.
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We Robot 2015 Conference

We hosted the fourth annual robotics law and policy conference with the University of Washington School of Law.
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Tech Policy Lab Distinguished Lecture: Responsible Innovation in the Age of Robots & Smart Machines

Many of the things we do to each other in the 21st century – both good and bad – we do by means of smart technology. Drones, robots, cars, and computers are a case in point.
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2014 Winter Scholars’ Studio: Robot Research @ the Commons

Scholars’ Studio is an opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to do 5 minute lightning talks describing their research. We had nine presenters whose topics ranged from surgical robots to robot pets and a robotic hurricane sailboat.
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