UW Students Learn To Hack For Your Safety – Prof. Kohno interviewed by KUOW

Tech Policy Lab Director, Prof. Tadayoshi Kohno is featured in a piece by KUOW:

“We teach students both how to violate the security of a computer system and how to protect the security of a computer system,’ he said.
With a group of smart students actively engaged in building and breaking security systems, the natural concern is how to keep the skills from breaching moral standards.
‘Ethics is incredibly important for me,” Kohno said. ‘At the beginning of my course I have all my students sign an ethical form that says they won’t use the knowledge learned through this course without legal authorization.’”

Listen to the full interview here.

Web Giants Threaten End to Cookie Tracking

Director Ryan Calo is quoted in a new piece by The Wall Street Journal describing why the end of cookies could be near.

Read the article here.

Of Fact, Fiction, and Cheney’s Defibrillator – Prof. Kohno’s work cited by the NY Times

Tech Policy Lab Director Tadayoshi Kohno’s research into breaching the security of a defibrillator is featured in an article on former Vice President Dick Cheney’s defibrillator’s wireless function being disabled during his time as Vice President.

“Mr. Cheney, who had heart disease for decades before receiving a transplant last year, had such an implant to regulate his heart rate and shock his heart back into life, if necessary. The defibrillator could be reprogrammed wirelessly from a short distance away. In 2007, he had the wireless feature disabled.”

Read the article here and more about the research here.

Why We Should Care if Companies Use Data for Advertising (KUOW)

Ross Reynolds of KUOW talks with Ryan Calo about the use and regulation of big data.
“When Facebook shows you an ad for the pasta that you had for dinner that night, you might feel a little squirmy, find it creepy even. But what exactly is the worry of companies having access to more personal data?”

Listen to the discussion here.

Is Digital Advertising a New Form of Market Manipulation?

Director Ryan Calo’s new research “Digital Market Manipulation” is featured in a post on MIT Sloan Management Review.

“New applications of big data and digital technology are a form of “market manipulation,” contends new research from the University of Washington School of Law.”