12:30-1:20 pm.
William H. Gates Hall Room 119
Lunch provided.
Please RSVP to halmeter@uw.edu.

Join the Tech Policy Lab for a book talk on “Uberland: How Algorithms are Rewriting the Rules of Work” with Alex Rosenblat.

Silicon Valley technology is transforming the way we work, and Uber is leading the charge. An American startup that promised to deliver entrepreneurship for the masses through its technology, Uber instead built a new template for employment using algorithms and Internet platforms. Upending our understanding of work in the digital age, Uberland paints a future where any of us might be managed by a faceless boss.

Based on award-winning technology ethnographer Alex Rosenblat’s firsthand experience of riding over 5,000 miles with Uber drivers, daily visits to online forums, and face-to-face discussions with senior Uber employees, Uberland goes beyond the headlines to reveal the complicated politics of popular technologies that are manipulating both workers and consumers.